The dirty world of insects

Who’s Guilty

This insect has been known to come out at night time and take advantage of unsuspecting victims.

Who's This

Make no mistake, that’s not an overgrown mustache or Uncle Bill’s old wig; this is our next perpetrator in trespass and murder. Guys like him have made their way across the globe from Asia, Europe and America and they could even find themselves in your home. With 15 pairs of legs it’s not the type of thing you come across everyday, or maybe… you do.

If you haven’t guessed this culprit, he is known as a Scutigera Coleoprata – or house centipede. Using their legs in a lasso-type motion they are quick to pounce and known to beat their victims also. Though they look like they could kill you, for the most part they won’t do more than kill and feast on roaches and spiders they find in your home. If you’re concerned they can grow up to a foot long don’t fret, they only grow up to about 5 cm or 2 in at the most. These little guys can live for up to seven years and chances are they know your community better than you do.

He's Watching

Just remember, bugs like these don’t want to harm you. Imagine if you were looking at Mt Everest one day and all of a sudden that HUGE mountain jumped up and screamed at you whilst trying to crush you. That should paint the picture. If you do somehow manage to get bitten by this centipede you can expect something close to a bee sting but generally their stingers won’t even break the surface of the skin.

Scutigera Coleoptrata


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