The dirty world of insects

The Start of an Insectuous Affair

It’s right about now that you’ve started to wonder if there was a typo and you’ve hit a poorly made erotic website. Firstly Insectuous Affairs is not to be confused with Incestuous Affairs. While being very similar in spelling we deal with a completely different family matter. So, what is Insectuous Affairs? It’s a place where you can find out the latest dirt, feast your eyes on juicy pics, learn tasty information, have a good laugh, and it’s all about the BUGS.

We love bugs. We love weird bugs. We love talking about the weird stuff bugs do. We love comparing bugs to people. We love bugs that are so bizarre they make grown men squeal ‘WTF is THAT??!’.  Delving into the craziest, the wildest and the weirdest, we will submerge you into the enthralling world they inhabit.  You will shriek, laugh and share all the things we post about the fascinating world of insects.

Before you proceed we suggest you ask yourself two questions:  Am I awesome enough to share this information, and second, can I handle this explosion of insect nutrients in my already filling diet. If you can say yes to both these questions, then welcome, to Insectuous Affairs…

Recommend wisely.


One response

  1. Hi, this is some feedback.
    Your site is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Upon seeing your banner I shat bricks, thanks so much

    July 30, 2010 at 6:26 am

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